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Llandovery Angling association runs two fisheries on the Towy above and below Llandovery

Upper Towy Fishing above Llandovery town including the newly aquired fishing at Bwlchnewydd, Rhandirmwyn.

The general character of the river is very different to the water below the town. The upper river channel is predominantly narrower, and runs through rock faced gorges interspersed by deep holding pools. Some pools such as Dolauhirion, Tairheol and Divlyn are famous for their past reputations of holding large numbers of Salmon and sewin. Unchanged for centuries these lies that the fish favour, have deep ledges and channels with a gravel bottom. For the solitary angler such waters can be very exciting to explore, working upstream with a running worm or an enticing spinner.

Anything from a fresh run grilse to a ten pound sewin is a possibility. Large pike also lurk in the deep murky pools but it is also possible to fish the tails and gravel runs for brown trout with a fly rod. Because there are no major obstacles to prevent fish running from the sea to the upper Towy in little more than twenty four hours, sewin can be caught as early as May. However fish are more numerous in the months of July and August. Later in the season would also offer a better opportunity of catching a salmon. The Association fishing extends to over seven miles above Llandovery, at least half of which is double bank. There is easy access to the river from the Llandovery to Rhandirmwyn road.

Lower Water below the town of Llandovery (including the farms of Llwynjack, Glantowy and Cwmgwyn)

This beat extends to over three miles of double bank fishing starting at the black railway bridge below the town, and ending down stream at Cwmgwyn Farm. There is easy access to the river from several locations which are well signposted along the A4069 road to Llangadog as indicated on the map.

This reach of river could be described as classic fly fishing water for sewin which is easily covered with a single handed fishing rod..

The River now meanders through rich meadows and is supplemented by the additional volume of water from a major tributary the River Bran.

The beat contains several deep holding pools interspersed by productive runs and riffles. The river bank has plenty of vegetation to provide cover for resting fish, but there is ample room for casting and the wading is easy and safe over the clean gravel river bed.

During a wet spring large sewin can be caught in late April and May can be a very good month, when fish well in excess of ten pounds are caught. The main run of sewin often averaging four to five pounds usually appear from the middle of June onwards. July, August and September can be good for the smaller shoal sewin and Salmon become more numerous as the season progresses.​





Steve Manning Brownie April 2018.jpg

Rules of the Association.


No member shall take or kill salmon fry.

Any fish hooked other than in the mouth must be returned to the river immediately with the least possible damage.

Any member convicted on a charge of illegal fishing will be refused membership of the Association for a period of ten years.

No member shall (a) Make fires on the banks or leave gates open. (b) Take dogs to the riverside. (c) Interfere with game.

No person shall use in connection with fishing with rod and line for salmon and sea trout any prawn or worm before or after the dates stipulated by the Environment Agency.

No person shall use any kind of float on Association water.

The only baits allowed on Association water are; the natural and artificial fly, minnow, creeper, prawn, worm and shrimp. * Drop minnow (dipping) is prohibited on the tributaries Bran and Gwydderig.

No person other than the permit holder is permitted on the Association’s water.

Members are obliged to carry their permit together with the official receipt and EA licence when fishing.

Fish, bait and tackle must be exhibited on request to any public officer, water bailiff, or any authorised person, including other members of the Association.

No member shall “hog” any particular spot or pool on the Association water. For fly and spinner fishermen, the rule is, that one cast must be followed by a one yard movement downstream if another member is waiting to fish. * Any member reported to the committee for disregarding this rule, will be severely dealt with.

No member of the Association may retain more than 4 migratory fish in any 24hrs. In the interests of conservation no member should visit the Association’s waters for 24hrs, from the time of taking a fourth fish.

 Any member caught taking more than the prescribed limit will be banned immediately from the Association. There will be no right of appeal. Members are obliged to co–operate fully if challenged by a club member or any bailiff.

No angler may take more than 4 brown trout from the Association waters in one day.

Anyone considered to be fishing excessively and or for commercial gain may be asked to appear before the committee and excluded from the Association if it is felt appropriate.

Excessive fishing on the lower water. On the lower water no member may fish on more than 14 days or 14 nights in any consecutive 28 day period.

All rod returns to be sent to the Club Secretary by Jan 1st of the closed season.

Any member failing to observe the above rules will automatically forfeit his/her permit.


The Chairman requests all members to show courtesy and consideration to all farmers on whose land they fish. 

Bailiffs have been instructed to ensure the above rules have been carried out.

Waters Available -:

Triutaries and Upper Water permit holders. 

River Bran – Llanfair fields, Castle fields down to Llwynjack bridge (Pont Rhyd-y-Ceir.)

River Gwydderig –  Dolaugwynion, Ynysyborde, Glangwydderig.

Upper Towy – Clynmawr,  Rhydwydd, Divlyn, Llwynberllan, Tairheol, Bailyglas, Dolauhirion (Right bank looking downstream) and Col shallows down to the railway bridge. * Upper water permit holders please note that you may not fish below the Black railway bridge on the Towy nor below Pont Rhyd-y-Ceir on the Bran.

Full permit holders may fish the above waters and the following waters downstream of the chain bridge, below the first house on the right bank on the Towy :- Llwynjack, Glantowy and Cwmgwyn ; on the Bran downstream of Pont Rhyd-y-Ceir.

Please study your maps carefully. 

Tight lines.

Rob salt Chairman

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