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2014 Reports

Ian Richards 3rd September 

Arrived at Llandovery around 4pm and fished through until after10pm. Weather was warm but a cool SE breeze reminded me that Autumn was not far away and that downstream breezes play havoc with your casting when you don't fish as regularly as you would like. The river still had some water from the previous week's rain but was running a few inches above recent summer lows and was gin clear. There was plenty of activity with the resident brown trout but as the evening progressed there was increasing evidence that there were Sewin about. As dusk approached there were two good fishing showing in Glantowy pool and a very energetic fish in the flats above who came out of the water spectacularly on three occasions between 8:30 and 9:30. I had two really strong pulls in middle pool between 9:30 and 10pm after which the river went quiet. Whilst I had had another blank in terms of fish on the bank it never seems so bad when you know there are fish there.

I decided to make may way home and the fact that,even after a long journey I arrived home before midnight,reminded me that we are rapidly moving towards the end of another season. All being well I hope to make at least one more visit to this magical river before the end of the season,but I will wait for some rain to give a boost to the river,and who knows,it may just be that given a rise in river levels there may be the chance of a salmon too.



Vince Ress caught this sewin along with four others

after a cracking morning downstream from the boulders. 


Mike Hill followed him and caught eight trout and lost a cracking sewin.


There are obviously a number of sewin on our water.

Ian Richards  7th August 


This was my first visit since early July as the summer heat and low water put me off making the 180 mile round trip to Llandovery while I waited for better conditions. With heavy rain in Worcestershire over last weekend and hoping the same for the river I set off in great anticipation. My spirits fell when first I crossed the Wye at Ross, the Monnow at Monmouth and then the Usk along the A40 and over the bridge at the Brecon bypass. None of the rivers seemed to have had any water. However, when I arrived at the river at around 4:30pm there was good water with still a hint of a tinge of colour. It just goes to show how,particularly at this time of year, rainfall can be very localised and how important it is to check the local weather situation before venturing out.


I started fishing around 5:30pm, it was still warm, quite bright with patchy cloud and a gentle breeze. I started fishing as I always do down the run below Glantowy pool and I had fished around halfway down when I had a savage take from a hefty sewin who put a great aerial display of sheer beauty and power. Several times the fish ran up and down the run but gradually tired. I prepared my net and drew the fish close so that I could even see it had taken the tail fly, a size 10 silver stoat. From previous fish I have caught on the Towy I would say the fish was at least 5-6lb and,clearly remembering my promise this year to return all larger fish, the sewin decided to save me the trouble by releasing himself at the last moment.


Was I disappointed that I didn't get to net and photograph the fish for the website of course I was, but the disappointment was transitory. Yesterday was a reminder that given good water, hopefully falling with a tinge of colour and travelling fish,then sewin can be caught at any time. There was also the added bonus that my battle yesterday with the sewin certainly made the long journey home seem a lot less arduous than on my previous blank visits.


There was no doubt that there are a lot more fish around than was evidenced on my last visit and, with more rain forecast for this weekend to keep water levels up, the next few weeks could be a good time to pay a visit to the river. I shall certainly be back.

2nd July


Adrian Thomas caught a 4.5lb sewin and two 3lb brown trout earlier this week. Watch out Rob he's catching up!

Ian Richards 2nd July:


I paid my third visit of the season to Llandovery yesterday and arrived full of anticipation. I had heard that our esteemed Chairman had caught fish, fish had been spotted at Dolau hirion bridge, the weather was warm and cloudy with a light breeze. Perfect for sewin fishing. I arrived at 6pm and fished through until 11pm, and although fish were showing in Glantowy and middle pool at dusk I didn't have a touch all evening. However, as it was such a nice evening I did have time to sit and think a bit about why I go sewin fishing. I realised it was precisely because of its unpredictability. You can fish in what are thought to be ideal conditions like last night and catch nothing and go home disappointed, and then you can turn up and fish in low water under a blazing sun at 4pm and suddenly a 5lb sewin decides to make your day. Make no mistake I go fishing to catch fish but I also decided long ago that I should also fish the way I like. I only fish the fly these days because it gives me the most pleasure. It also helps me cover up my inadequacies at worming or spinning although I am extremely envious of the skill required to do both properly. When I first started fly fishing for sewin fishing over 50 years ago I was given some sound advice from an old uncle of mine who told me to keep my fishing methods simple, don't spend too much time drinking coffee, and keep you fly in the water. Sophisticated modern day tackle makes fishing easier than it was when I first started, but won't guarantee success. However, time spent by the river fishing the way you like is more likely to mean you fish for longer, with the patience and application so required for the successful pursuit of our enigmatic prey, the sewin. Ian Richards









2nd July


The rumours are true. Rob Salt caught and relaeased a sewin of 9lb, one of 2lb and one of 2lb 12oz. There are also reports of more sewin in our waters around the Dolau Hirion bridge area.

Some rain is forecast in the next couple of days although the picture opposite shows the glorious weather we are experiencing.

Ian Richards Thursday 19th June:


I paid my second visit of the season yesterday and was welcomed by much less cloudy skies than promised by the weathermen. I arrived about 2pm to be met with a very warm afternoon with bright sunshine. Undeterred, I fished the afternoon away with a floating line and a team of small flies, tackling the runs and riffles from junction pool down, as the river looked in good condition running clear a few inches above summer levels. As on my last visit there were plenty of willing resident brown trout to help me maintain my reflexes in preparation for the evening ahead. Alas the preparation was not required as, despite fishing until 11pm on a warm still evening, there was still no evidence of those elusive sewin. As dusk approached I switched to my go to combination of intermediate line and my dependable silver stoat but my luck did not change. It may be the case that, most probably the sewin have just not arrived yet, or it may be that they were there and hiding in the hope that a few blank days may so discourage me that I put my rod away and leave them in peace. However, they are mistaken because us sewin fishermen are made of sterner stuff. In those now famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger "I'll be back".



Ian Richards first visit 5th June 2014


I paid my first visit of the season yesterday and it was great to be back. After the heavy rain the day before the river was up about a foot above summer levels with a lovely tinge of colour when I arrived about 1pm. The afternoon was a little too bright but the evening was better, and the breeze dropped nicely. The river looked in fine fettle and the resident brown trout were eager to welcome me back. However, despite fishing through until about 10pm it became clear that the sewin have decided to take the scenic route up to Llandovery this year, and were not in evidence as yet at any time during my visit. It was great to meet up with Vince Rees and Mike Hill and catch up on what's been going on in the association, and we all agreed that despite the lack of sewin yesterday the Towy at Llandovery is still a magical place to be. Whilst I know that there is much debate about the Towy not being the river it was in terms of catches, that's a view that could be levelled at many other rivers across the length and breadth of the UK. What needs to be remembered, especially for visiting anglers, is that the Towy remains one of the few rivers where that next pull could be the sewin of a lifetime. Sewin fishing is a bit like watching the film Field of Dreams. In that film if Kevin Costner built the baseball field the stars would come, and they did. Despite a blank yesterday the sewin will come and, if we keep fishing they will reward us for our patience. In the meantime the Towy at Llandovery is as good a place as any I can think of to wait for them. Ian Richards





Members Work Party 2014


A very successful morning ​was enjoyed by members on the Towey on Saturday. Clearing and reparation was carried out below the railway bridge. Fly fishing and spinniing will now be considerably easier after the work. Further down stream clearance work means the navigation of the bank is much improved. A number of stiles were also overhauled and repaired.


Thank you to all who attended, Dave, Mike, Vince, Stewart, Adrian, Gareth, Alan, and Mike. Also a big thank you to Chippo for a lovely lunch.


The river looked in splendid condition running fast and clear and with reports of good fishing downstream we are hoping for a prolific season.




Brown Trout Stocking on The Bran

Thursday May 2nd, The first indigenous Brown Trout to supplement the existing wild population are being stocked on the River Bran. Pictured are Viv and Alan Bradshaw

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