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2013 Reports

15th  July A message from Tim Hanley


 Just finished my annual one week pilgrimage to the lower water. River at summer low an ideal for the fly. 6 fish in total for the week. Firm takes on most nights and one hooked and lost. Odd fish moving up the runs. Largest fish 12lb hen taken on a 1 inch aluminium Silver stoat tube on an intermediate in Penybank pool. An incredible 25 minute fight before fish finally beached at around midnight, must have been well rested to put up such a show. After a few minutes back in the water the fish revived and sped out into the pool. Only fished a couple of hours a night so thought the fishing was good given takes every visit to the water. Cheers Ti



4th July - Two sewin caught by a guest on the river on Friday 2lb and 4lb. Fish are moving in the system with good fish in the lower water.




Tuesday - 4th June Rob Salt caught this 6lb 8oz beauty on a silver and black tube fly at 11pm. Things are hotting up!

Friday 3rd May. Rain forecast for later. Water low and very clear, ideal for fly at night. Fish reported to be moving into the  system. Drop of rain will certainly help.

28th April. A number of nice wild brown trout have been caught in the last couple of weeks. This one of a 1 3/4lb was landed on the Lower Water.

There have been reports of sewin caught below Llandovery to 9lb. With the forecast for rain early this week we are hoping sewin will begin to move into the Llandovery waters.

Monday 29th April. Overcast chilly start to today. Light breeze. Rain yesterday and overnight should have freshened up the water. Forecast for the week has altered with sun today, Tuesday and Wednesday. Rain toward the weekend. River height a Dolau Hirion Bridge 1in above Summer level.

7lb sewn caught and released on Saturday below Llandovery on a copper tube.

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