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Fishing Reports>>

Here you'll find the weather forecast and  river heights at Dolau Hirion Bridge. Also news of any fish caught.

2016 Reports

9th July Vince Rees caught a 4.5lb fresh run sewin from the lower water

2nd July Clive Davies caught this beauty whilst spiining the lower water.

28th June

Club Sec Mike Hill caught this 3lb sewin on a Silver Stoats Tail with a twist of purple last night on the lower water. Safely returned to make it's way upstream.

25th June

Rob Salt caught and returned a 5lb beauty from the lower ater this afternonn

24th June

New member Nick Rose caught this lovley brownie on his first visit to the lower water on Friday. Here's to many more Nick

23rd June

At last something to report.

Adrian Thomas caught and released three sewin and a salmon on Tuesday. There were also a number of other sewin caught and released on the Lower water on Monday.

Club Secretary Retires

After 40 years of dedication and hard work Mike Davies has decided it is time to relinquish his roll as club secretary. The committee would like to extend their gratitude to Mike for his outstanding contribution to Llandovery Angling Association. Mike will continue to be a Life Member of the Club and a fellow committee member. We look forward to seeing him on the river on a regular basis. 


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