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 Thanks to all who turned up on Saturday 20th April to help. The bank between Rock Pool and Junction Pool has been strimmed and a wide access ride has been cut through the wood .


Look Out For Our New Boundary Signs This Season


Existing Stiles have been repaired and new ones erected in preperation for the new season. Newly designed Signs are also on display at Access Points 


Newly built steps,  giving access to an excellent pool on the Upper Water.

IMG-20220321-WA0000 (1).jpg

Brown Trout Fishing Now Available On The Rivers Bran & Gwydderig, Llandovery

We are pleased to announce that the rivers Bran and Gwydderig will be open for wild Brown Trout fishing, for the forthcoming season.

The fishing is available at £15.00 per day or is included with daily, weekly or season tickets.

If you find yourself with a couple of hours to spare before starting to fish for Sewin or just fancy a day's trout fishing, why not give the Bran or Gwydderig a try. See fishery rules and 'Where to Fish' for further information. 

Brown trout 6th June 2021_edited.jpg

An angler’s brief guide to the introduction of new salmon and sea trout byelaws River Tywi


Salmon season - 1st April to 17th October

All salmon must be released and with minimum injury/ delay.

Methods Allowed

1st April - 17th October, FLY and SPIN

 1st Sept-7th Oct, PRAWN & SHRIMP Allowed


 No WORM fishing allowed



Sea trout season - 1st April to 17th October

All Sea trout caught prior to 1st May must be released and with 

minimum delay/injury.

From 1st May to 17th October, All Sea trout greater than 60cm. in length

must be released and with minimum injury/delay.


Methods Allowed

1st April - 17th October, FLY and SPIN

1st May - 7th October, WORM Allowed

Worm fishing for Sea trout to be with only a single worm on a single

barbless hook with a gape not greater than 8mm (Approx. Size 8)

(Please note that All dates are inclusive)


  • All hooks must be barbless or de-barbed


  • On artificial flies with a hook gape greater than 7mm(approx.Size 8), hooks are retricted to singles or doubles


  • On artificial flies with a hook gape 7mm or less, hooks are restricted to a maximum of two hooks with a total of four points between them.

  • e.g. Secret Weapons (1 large single and 1 treble 7mm or less)


  • No treble or double hooks are permitted on lures used for spinning


  • Spinners and spoons must have only one single hook with a gape of 13mm or less.


  • Plugs can have a maximum of three single hooks, each with a gape of 13mm or less.


  • Shrimp and prawn fishing for salmon is allowed from the 1st September until 7th October with the use of a single treble hook with a gape of less than 7mm.


Further details of byelaws affecting the rivers in Wales, non-migratory trout, coarse fish can be found on the NRW fisheries pages. do/fishing/?lang=en

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