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Fishing Reports>>

Here you'll find the weather forecast and  river heights at Dolau Hirion Bridge. Also news of any fish caught.



Early April start returns two brownies for Steve Manning

June 23rd Steve again....this time a 41/2lb Brown Trout 

Steve Trout.jpg

7th May Visiting angler Douglas Barnes caught this delightful brownie near the Towy Bridge Inn on a black gnat

June 19 Adrian Thomas landed and released a 10lb salmon

Afon Tywi May 2019 006.jpg
Steve Salmon.jpg

June 15th - 18th

Rain brings success and prospects of good fishing to come.

Chairman Rob Salt lost a good sewin and caught a 2 3/4lb brown trout Saturday and was rewarded with a 12lb Salmon on Sunday. 

Steve Manning caught a beautiful 12lb Salmon (pictured above) on Tuesday

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